how many mg of viagra is safe Tal or acquired. Ventral curvature of the penis, common in the embryo, may persist in 31% of premature babies and tends to self-correction in the early months of life. Most cases present with moderate curvatures without functional problems. Some may present with marked curvatures in the early years of life, causing major psychological and functional problems. The authors present their experience in 16 consecutive prepubertal cases treated surgically and propose a new classification based on embryological considerations. Keywords: penile curvature doi: 10. 1007/bf00174441. Issn: 0179-0358. More like this 15. Characterization of the urethral plate and the underlying tissue defined by expression of collagen subtypes and microarchitecture in hypospadias. Hayashi, yutaro; mizuno, kentaro; kojima, yoshiyuki; moritoki, yoshinobu; nishio, hidenori; kato, toshiki; kurokawa, satoshi; kamisawa, hideyuki; kohri, kenjiro. International journal of urology vol. 18 issue 4 april 2011. P. 317-322 ► objectives: in hypospadia patients, the urethral plate and the underlying tissue were previously… (more) ▼ objectives: in hypospadia patients, the urethral plate and the underlying tissue were previously thought to be the main cause of penile curvature and, because of this, they used to be excised to correct the curvature. Currently, they are preserved as they are not thought to cause penile curvature anymore. The aim of the present histology study was to elucidate the characteristic structure of the tissue beneath the urethral plate. Methods: the experimental group consisted of 27 hypospadiac patients with moderately severe penile curvature, who underwent one-stage urethroplasty after dividing the urethral plate. Excised tissues were observed under light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy (tem). Furthermore, the presence of collagen subtypes i, iii and iv was examined with immunohistochemical staining and western blotting. Results: light microscopy showed the existence of many massed and intertwined collagen fibers and vessels that resembled those of the cavernous sinus. buy generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra viagra online cheap viagra online cheap viagra viagra for sale buy cheap viagra Tem showed the existence of many collagen fibers, capillary vessels and other structures. Immunohistochemical staining showed collagen subtype i in the interfascicular space and collagen fibers were densely stained. Collagen subtype iv was found in the basement membrane of vessels, but collagen subtype iii was not detected. The same results were obtained by western blotting. Conclusions: the tissue beneath the urethral plate was considered to originate from the corpus spongiosum penis. The distribution of collagen subtypes suggests that the presence of the tissue might affect ventral penile curvature. Long-term follow.